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Google ads for Chrome extensions and Translate

I am a massive fan of Chrome, and have had it as my default browser for months at the expense of Firefox. Extensions have been available for a while and once downloaded the icons sit neatly alongside the address bar in the top right of the browser.

There are not as many available as in Firefox, as you might expect, but I already have Facebook, Delicious, Dropbox, Gmail, Digg, Evernote and Chromed Bird (an impressive Twitter extension).

Google has released a promo video for Extensions this week and it is equally impressive.

At the same time as this, a promo was released for Google Translate.  I have only started using this a lot recently since an old French friend got in touch via Twitter. In my limited experience it seems to be a great product, and again, the video is fantastic.


Google, online display advertising and 2010

Here is an interesting article from Forbes.com, Google bets on display Ads in 2010, published in the last couple of days.

People will be keeping a close eye on the developments here, as Google cannot be ignored when it is making moves in to a new space, or starts to indicate what areas are of strategic importance to the company in the near future.

From a publisher’s point of view it remains to be seen whether the main impact will be a positive one with Google’s technology driving the industry forward to new heights of effectiveness and the ability to measure response for marketers, or a negative one with a large percentage of existing display ad revenue heading off to Mountain View.

Obviously there is a lot of ground between these two extremes and the reality will no doubt be somewhere in the middle. Either way,  it will be one of the areas to watch in 2010.

Update: from the Official Google blog, a note from Susan Wojcicki, Vice President of Product Management regarding what they have achieved in 2009 and an indication of objectives moving in to 2010.