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Behavioral targeting technology misunderstood, underused

Surprising figures in an article from eMarketer.com, Putting Targeting to Work, indicate that there is a lack of understanding around the technologies, techniques and benefits of ad retargeting.

If behavioral targeting ‘can boost ad response up to 400 percent’ then why is it being overlooked?

This is clearly going to be a growth area in 2010, and as such will be a key area for publishers, advertisers and marketers to get involved in, understand the technology and educate the marketplace.

As I see it, this is a genuine win/ win for the industry as it will increase ad effectiveness, bringing greater response and return on investment for advertisers. At the same time it will give publishers a greater insight in to what works and what doesn’t, allowing them to work better with marketers to achieve mutual objectives.

Another fascinating space to keep an eye on moving in to 2010.