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Carlton Draught’s new TVC campaign

Your Weenis, your Weenis, it's wrinkly and it's pink

Your Weenis, your Weenis, it's wrinkly and it's pink

Here is the latest campaign for Carlton Draught, the sixth in the ‘Made from Beer’ series.

It was due to launch on television in February but was pulled by Carlton & United Breweries at the last-minute due to concerns that it may offend viewers.

The full series of 7 short spots can be seen at http://anyexcuse.com.au/ and is worth checking out, especially for Tingle, Weenis, and Wart.

The ads are pretty funny, and continue the humourous themes seen earlier in the series. I do hope, however, that the late jitters isn’t indicative of an increasing trend of advertisers becoming frightened enough about offending people that they substantially alter their marketing campaigns.

Updated: This campaign has now been pulled from the internet as well due to fears over a ‘public backlash’.


Trends and Technology Timeline 2010 (and beyond)

Here is the latest in a series of annual topological trend maps created by Richard Watson of NowandNext.

Trends and Technology timeline 2010 (and beyond)

The detail in the map is incredible and the various branches include subjects such as Society & Culture, Geopolitics, Environment & Climate and IT & Telecomms.

It reminds me of a copy of a lithograph from the Tate I used to have in my house in London, which was a re-imagining of Harry Beck’s famous London Underground map. Instead of the Economy and Financial Services, Simon Patterson’s The Great Bear changed the lines to different cultural and scientific icons, such as Film Actors (the Northern Line), Engineers (the Bakerloo Line) and Musicians (the Metropolitan Line).

As with the Great Bear, Richard Watson’s work will bear repeated visits, which will no doubt throw up something surprising each time.

I just hope I am still alive when augmented reality contact lenses hit the market.